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 Teddie's Application

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PostSubject: Teddie's Application   Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:51 pm

1. Name / Age / In-Game Character(s) / Time Zone / How Long Can You Play MapleY?
My name is Justin, I'm turning 15 next week, so I'm 14 right now. My IGN is planned to be Yoh or Aishiteru, if you can change my name. Other name possibilities will be Teddie. My timezone is -5 UTC, and I can play MapleY for atleast 5 hours minimum.

2. In An Attempt To Get To Know You Better, Please Describe Yourself In AT LEAST 4 Sentences. It Can Be About Anything.
I'm a really nice Asian Filipino, so yep. I'm a really nice person you get can along with, so keep that in mind please. If you happen to make me mad, I will try to forget about it, because I just want to get along with everybody here in the community. I'm a very apologetic person, so I highly apologize if I do piss you off by apologizing.

3. A. How Long Have You Been Playing MapleStory?
I've been playing MapleStory for multiple years, even since I was like 7 or 8 years-old. My brother taught me MapleStory, and how to play it.

4. B. How Long Have You Been Playing MapleY?
I've been playing it for, well, nearly a week. Since it's not released yet, I'm unable to play. I've been on the forums, for almost a week, which I officially declare that my playing time on the server.

5. What Separates You From Other Applicants?
Well, what separates me from others is that I'm a very young, talented, yet experienced person. I have some staff traits like maturity, but that doesn't really matter. I can do multiple things that private servers need like GFX, coding, and other stuff. I'm nothing special to be honest.

6. Do You Have Any GM Experience? (Saying No Won't Count Against You)
Unfortunately, I don't have any GM experience.

7. In A Situation When There Are 15 New Characters Coming Up To You And Constantly Talking And Whispering To You Requesting To Be GMs, What Would You Do? If You Have To Say No To Them, How Will You Say It?
First, I would act calm. I wouldn't be mad straight away and just scream at them like that. No, I'm not like that. That's not part of me. I would see something like "I'm very sorry, but you can't be GM." Basically, I would tell them to apply, like every normal person does.

8. You've Caught Someone Hacking. Definitely Hacking. What Do You Do?
I would do the simple steps. I would record it, post on the forums, then ban immediately. That person doesn't deserve to stay, so banishment is the best punishment for hackers, they can just go away.

9. What Is The ONE Thing You Don't Like About Bad GMs? What Would You Do Differently?
I don't like when GMs abuse their powers, it's really annoying and terrible for the community. That GM should be demoted. I would never abuse my powers, even for anything. I just want to be very supportive, and a wonderful person. Abusing powers is just, plain terrible. If I we're to abuse my powers, "if", then you can just ban me right away, for like a punishment for myself.

10. What Do You Think A GM Is Or Should Represent?
I think that a GM is a leader of the server. Not anyone can be a GameMaster, that's why it's a very special job. GameMasters have a much larger advantage over others, since that job takes dedication, and you should know what to do. To me, a GM should represent the server, on how well the players are. GameMasters must take the job seriously, or else it's not really being a good GM.

11. If You Were NOT Chosen As A GM, What Will You Do?
If I didn't get chosen as a GameMaster, I would be just a bit sad, not to much. I won't give up, no matter what. Giving up? I don't even know that word. I will continue, and continue until I get the job. That's how I do it.

12. Any Last Words? Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Piece.
I shall forever hold my piece.

Contact info: 
You already have my contact, Anim3x. Which is my skype.

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PostSubject: Re: Teddie's Application   Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:28 pm

I like it that is a 1up for my side. All up to Crypt now!

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Teddie's Application

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